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I've been in the digital landscape for over a decade helping startups and founders build and launch their products. Now, I'm focused on this blog to help people like you learn and do great things with AI.

About the Blog

This blog is all about you: founders, makers, builders, and anyone interested in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

All content on the blog is written by yours truly. I test every product or service to provide a fair and reliable review.

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Partnership Guidelines

I am particularly interested in partnering with brands incorporating AI into their products or services.

Content credibility and audience trust are of utmost importance. All featured products/services must be factual and valuable to consumers. Therefore, all promotions and endorsements are based on my honest views and assessments.

Submission Process

Here's how you can get your product featured:

  1. Submit your Product: The form below tells me about your product, service, or app.
  2. Review: I'll review your submission to ensure it aligns with the blog's content and audience interests.
  3. Get Featured: If all is good, I'll craft a dedicated post or mention, integrating your product seamlessly into the content.

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