About the Blog

About the Blog
The Getting Started with AI Blog

First, and foremost let me start by saying thank you for being here. You have no idea how much it means to me that you're taking the time from your busy schedule to come here to read, learn, and share your thoughts and ideas with me and other community members.

Hi, I'm Jeff 👋

I've spent the last decade helping startups navigate the digital landscape. I co-founded a digital agency some years ago and I was lucky to meet and work with so many great people in the industry. I also provide consulting services for startups specifically in the technical department.

How it started

Recently, I decided to sharpen my programming skills and general knowledge, so I rolled up my sleeves and started learning about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other major disruptive technologies.

That's how this blog started, Getting Started with AI. The name says it all! I started with AI myself, then I made this blog to share my learnings with like-minded people who also want to get started with AI. So here we are!

Who this is for

This blog is for us! Why us? Because I'm also learning! And if you're someone looking to dip your toes into the world of artificial intelligence, you've made it buddy. You're in the right place.

In my posts, you'll see a bunch of topics, ranging from programming tutorials to some (very unlikely) conspiracy theories, sometimes I'll also review some tools and products. But of course, everything is about AI.

Although I do not claim to be an AI expert myself, I'm aspiring to become one. So if you want to stay updated with the latest and most important topics, this blog is for you.

One more thing...

I invite you to subscribe for free, right now. Why? Because as soon as you close this browser window, you'll forget about this site. But if you're a member I'll make sure you get the latest news, updates, and most important subjects straight into your inbox.

I will never spam you. Ever. So relax. Plus if you think I'm blabbering about random things, you can immediately unsubscribe, I won't hate you. I'll be sad, but I won't hate.

Another awesome way we can connect is on Twitter (now X). Feel free to follow me and send me a DM if you'd like, it'll be awesome getting to know you.

Just make sure to subscribe so you get access to the full archive of previously published posts, and early access to all the future posts. Usually, I'll publish a post for members first (you 🫶), and then release it to everyone else after a few weeks.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the content! 🫶

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