5 Best artificial intelligence movies and TV shows you must watch on Netflix

Here are five of the best movies and TV shows about artificial intelligence that I recommend you should watch if you haven't.

5 Best artificial intelligence movies and TV shows you must watch on Netflix
Best 5 AI Films and TV Episodes to Watch

It's the weekend! Oh boy, how time flies...

Usually, movie night for me and my wife happens every Tuesday but in case you're planning to just relax this weekend, here's a list of the top 5 AI movies and TV shows that you must watch.

I'm not a movie expert, I just love popcorn and sitting. If you don't agree with my list please share some of the best movies/shows you've seen in the comments below. I'd love to watch new stuff.

The list below includes one episode from a popular Netflix TV Series and four movies. Let's get started!

Depending on your region some of these films may not be available on Netflix. Also, movie #3 is new so you'll probably find it in a theatre near you.

#5: Ex Machina (2014)

Ex Machina is a sci-fi film directed by Alex Garland. The story revolves around a young software developer who gets invited to a research facility in the middle of nowhere by his introverted CEO. He is tasked with conducting the famous Turing test on a humanoid robot to determine if it possesses consciousness and self-awareness. Check out the trailer:

Source: Rotten Tomatoes Trailers | Ex Machine Official Trailer

#4: Black Mirror S6: Joan is Awful

That's not a movie, but the debut episode of Black Mirror's sixth series. Written by series creator Charlie Brooker and directed by Ally Pankiw, it offers a satirical glimpse into the world of Streamberry, kind of a Netflix clone. Starring Annie Murphy as Joan and Salma Hayek, the episode focuses on a woman who discovers a streaming platform has launched a TV show based on her life.

In other somewhat related news, Meta AI recently announced AI Personas immediately reminded me of this episode.

Take a look at Meta's AI Chatbots:

Source: Shacknews on YouTube

After you watch "Joan is Awful" you'll know what I'm talking about.

#3: The Creator (2023)

Set in the year 2070, 15 years after a devastating nuclear detonation in Los Angeles and a war against artificial intelligence, The Creator explores the story of an ex-special forces agent Sergeant Joshua Taylor (played by Denzel Washington's son John David Washington) who gets recruited for a mission to track down and eliminate the mysterious "Creator", who developed a weapon capable of ending the ongoing war. The plot goes into John's journey as he navigates through a post-apocalyptic world, encountering many challenges and uncovering secrets along the way.

Note that "The Creator" is currently in theatres here in Canada and still not available on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

#2: Her (2013)

Her is a romance film directed by Spike Jonze. The lead role is played by the amazing Joaquin Phoenix. Set in the near future (which kind of looks like our present), the movie follows the story of a lonely and introverted writer who develops an unusual and intimate relationship with an advanced AI assistant named Samantha (Siri was just 2 years old at the time of release). The film explores love and loneliness in a connected world. Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson deliver an amazing performance. Check out the trailer:

#1: The Matrix (1999)

Where do I begin with this one? You've probably seen The Matrix, but if you haven't, go ahead and cancel your weekend plans and go watch it. It is a groundbreaking sci-fi film that delves into the concepts of reality and illusion. It follows the journey of a computer hacker named Neo, played by Keanu Reeves who discovers that the world as he knows it is not what it seems. The Matrix raised questions about population control in the digital age we currently live in, 24 years ago. So, what is The Matrix? You have to see it for yourself:

Source: Rotten Tomato Trailers | The Matrix Trailer

Got a reco?

And hey, do you think a movie or TV show is a must-watch? Go ahead and let me know in the comments below.

Cheers, and have a great weekend!